Cardamome – Korerima (ኮረሪማ)



Korekima comes from East Africa, and due to the similar flavour its pods hold, it is often known as Ethiopian or false cardamom. While retaining the floral, perfumed and citrusy notes of true cardamom it also has a lovely pepper edge, tasting deliciously different.
It is widely used in Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine, and is an essential part of the berbere spice mix which is probably the definitive Ethiopian flavour. Another popular use of korekima is to flavour coffee, the drinking of which is a central part of Ethiopian culture.
A superb spice, it can be used instead of true cardamom to give a new and exotic twist to your food.. try adding a couple of crushed pods to the filling for an apple pie, or to transform a rice pudding.


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